Perfecto Consultancy has been effective in delivering supportive search results leading to appointments across many of our specific business segments. Their in-depth expertise and understanding of our industry practices are admirable and proven to be best for desirable employment.

HR Executive

“I have been employed with Perfecto Consultancy for over four years and I have found my tenure to be both gratifying & rewarding. It’s a family-friendly organization that cares about its employees. There is an open-door policy, which I find to be open-minded and fair. I know my ideas and involvement are always taken into consideration.”

Rupali Mishra
Senior Recruiter

We are fully satisfied with the service and guidance levels of PERFECTO CONSULTANCY and the way it works. We can count upon PERFECTO CONSULTANCY as one of our primary established partners in helping us fulfill our talent procurement needs.

Neelam Shah
HR Executive

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