Data Science: A Look into the Future


Surging technological advances have paved the way for new career opportunities in the market. Data science is one of such newly-evolved fields. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cloud Computing, Big Data and Internet of Things (IoT) that is centered around large amount of un-filtered data, requires greater expertise to sort important extracts from unimportant data-pile. This forms the first step towards business development and expansion. Enterprises, today, are engulfed with random sets of data that are way too important to be ignored and way too crucial to get the business on the success track. In a nutshell, data plays a gold mine to generate revenues. To acquire the right data is the need of the hour. This makes data scientist a highly important profile to dig the gold and bring out revenues. The study and classification of this discerned data is broadly included under data science.

Data Scientists in a nutshell


Part scientist and part mathematicians, data scientists are evolved breed of data experts who harness technical expertise to mitigate complex quantitative & engineering problems and prevent its occurrence in the future. These professionals are expected to be a pro at statistics, mathematics and machine learning. These professionals, with apt technical skills, help to detect and mitigate challenges at the outset of any data science problem. The issues could range from leveraging a new machine learning algorithm to engineer a robust data pipeline ensuring proper functioning in production settings.


Technical expertise


Python, beyond doubt, is an essential tool to understand data science. Additionally, data scientists should learn as many as practices from software engineering as possible, such as C/C++, SQL, JAVA including other programming languages. The two primary paths to honing technical expertise in data science are: one, working on actual data science problems and two, getting an advanced degree—either a master’s degree or a Ph.D. Most importantly, one needs to develop an effective “scientific” thinking and analysis habit to excel in the field.


Scope of Data Scientists in India


Lately, data scientists are growing popularity among prominent career job profiles in various job-seeking sites of India. has enlisted more than 25,000+ jobs for Data Scientists on their sites; similarly, Linkedin has more than 14,000+ jobs for the same profile. There has been an exponential increase in the demand for this profile to stay in-line with technology evolution and improve customer experience. The number suggests that the requirement for these profiles will be on the rise in the coming times.


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