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Why Perfecto Consultancy

To take advantage of AI, you have to move beyond proof of concept. We offer comprehensive placement services that assist our clients in hiring the best talent from the industry. We use AI tools for hiring and conduct the first round of screening implementing AI tools. Via AI screening we make sure that candidate engagement is taken into account and recruiters have enough time to focus on the most important candidate.

Perfecto services

We put a large emphasis on clients’ objectives to understand their talent requirements. These demands become the foundation stone of our recruitment agency where we seamlessly fit the right talent at the right place. Perfecto will source, screen, and recommend qualified & interested candidates for your open roles. AI technology will help in coordinating the next step and will fasten the process.


House to a bunch of extremely talented placement consultants, we assist our clients to invest in robust talent to achieve high levels of business analysis maturity and capability by improving quality and reducing cycle times. As the potential of AI grows in the recruitment industry the corporate competition has also increased. Perfecto provides AI-powered solutions which promise to bring deserving candidates to the table.


Automobile and auto component

The competition in the industry is rising with each passing day. The implementation of AI has transformed the transportation sector. Creating schedules, managing workflows, enabling robots to work securely have become easy.

Consumer Durables & Building Materials

The need for durable goods is never-ending, and investment in it gives a good return. The combination of AI and IoT into the market products is further going to fuel the exponential growth. Artificial intelligence (AI) is all set to transform the consumer electronics industry.

Financial services

India has sped up in all the sectors, whether it be about finance the insurance and banking sectors have made their stand. However, meanwhile, it’s building its entire fresh financial market that will generate profitable outcomes.

Fast moving consumer goods

One of the competitive markets wherein the interest of customers fluctuates at a click. Every minute a new strategy is introduced to keep with the pace of turnover and not lead it down.


With the demand of the healthcare sector in today’s time, the revenue did lead to a boost, but now it’s the employees they would need. India has invested a good sum in the healthcare sector, matching with the standards of other countries in terms of supplies and equipment.


Skills of handling the diverse channels of distribution to generate profit are vital in this sector. Wherein customer’s content is vital to keep it running. The sector is vastly diverse with everything that it involves. Optimizing customer experiences, forecasting, inventory management, and more have been enabled with AI.

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